Who We Are

At Cavalry Disaster Advocates our core mission is to be the voice
for underpaid fire survivors. To fight for you and with you to make sure your
insurance company gives you ALL you are entitled to.


The insurance world can be a murky world

So it is important that you know that at Cavalry we have values that are core to who we are, how we make decisions, and how we treat our clients. We want you to know what we believe and will strive to live up to as we represent you during this challenging season of life:

Honesty – we believe in honoring what is actually true in any situation, and not reinterpreting facts for our own benefit.

Advocacy – we are called to stand in the gap and be the voice for people who have lost hope.

Grit – we believe in pushing through multiple no’s to get to the yes.

Authenticity – we strive to make sure our values and actions are aligned.

Accountability – we are responsible to each other and to our clients to keep our commitments and achieve our goals.


We come to work with the goal of helping our clients rebuild their lives with all the resources available to them. We simply hold insurance companies accountable to do what they should do.

Cavalry Group Staff

Meet Our Team

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Victor Romero

Victor M. Romero

CEO, Calvary Disaster Advocates

Victor's professional journey is a testament to his commitment to advocacy and justice in the face of disaster. With over three decades of experience in the insurance repair industry, Victor has become a trusted leader and fierce advocate for policyholders.

Victor’s career began in 1991 when he immersed himself in various roles at Evr Gard Construction in Los Angeles, CA, learning sales, estimating, and project management during his tenure. In 1992, he became a licensed Public Insurance Adjuster and started a 2-year internship with Dietz International, embarking on the path that would lead him to his current role as the Founder and CEO of Cavalry Disaster Advocates. During his tenure at Dietz, Victor assisted in the preparation and negotiation of over 200 residential and commercial claims, laying the groundwork for many of his future endeavors.

In 1994, Victor founded PRO-CLAIM Public Adjusting Group. Overseeing 500+ claims, he ensured that each resolution was reached amicably, without the need for litigation. Nearly a decade later, his pioneering spirit led him to establish CONSTRUCTION FIRST in 2003, where he seamlessly merged his expertise in public adjusting with construction documentation. Over two decades, Victor rebuilt over 200 residential and commercial structures, all settled fairly and equitably with insurance companies.

Victor has continuously demonstrated his expertise in the field by serving as a construction and insurance expert for the Superior Courts of California and by lending his skillset to affected communities during multiple natural disasters over the past decade including: the Bolles Fire (Weed, CA), Valley Fire (Lake County, CA), Carr Fire (Redding, CA), Camp Fire, (Paradise/Magalia, CA), CZU Fire (Santa Cruz, CA), Glass Fire (Napa/Sonoma, CA), LNU (Napa/Colusa/Lake County, CA), Marshall Fire (Boulder, CO) and the Maui Fire (Lahaina, HI).

Beyond his professional endeavors, in 2014-15, Victor dedicated a year to the community of Weed, CA, where his contributions included drafting $25 million in building estimates and extensive volunteer work for the Catholic Church, exemplifying his passion for service.

Today, as the CEO of Cavalry Disaster Advocates, Victor's vision is clear: to provide comprehensive support to individuals and communities affected by wildfire disasters, leveraging his expertise, integrity, and passion for advocacy. Under his leadership, Cavalry Disaster Advocates stands as a beacon of hope and resilience, offering solace and support to those navigating the aftermath of losing their home.

Victor hails from Los Angeles, California and is a father of two. In his free time, he enjoys reading, listening to spiritual podcasts, and enjoying a good tequila with friends.

Favorite quote: “What we do in life, echoes into eternity.” - The Gladiator

Favorite song: Nature Boy - Nat King Cole

Favorite thing about working with CDA: “My favorite part is the act of collaborating with people who are smarter than I to achieve our common goal – to get our clients everything that they are due.”

Josh Sentel

Josh Sentel

Desk Adjuster Manager

Josh Sentel brings a wealth of experience and dedication to his role as a partner and Manager of the Desk Adjuster Team at Cavalry Disaster Advocates. With a background spanning over 13 years in various industries, Josh has honed his leadership skills and proven his ability to excel in any task he undertakes.

During Josh’s 8 year tenure in the insurance industry, he has demonstrated his expertise in claims management, contents inventories, and navigating complex insurance processes. He is licensed as both an Independent Adjuster and a Public Adjuster in multiple states, showcasing his commitment to providing top-notch service to clients across the country. Josh believes there is nothing more important than doing a job safely and correctly the first time!

Josh's extensive claims experience includes handling over 300 cases for State Farm and over 500 claims as a Public Adjuster. His dedication to his work and his clients is evident in his track record of achieving positive outcomes, even in challenging circumstances.

Outside of work, Josh is deeply committed to his family and community. He enjoys spending time with his wife, Chelsea, and his two daughters, as well as volunteering at his church. His passion for serving others extends to his role on the worship team and in the high school youth group.

As a partner at CDA, Josh is dedicated to upholding the highest standards of professionalism and integrity while advocating for clients in their time of need. His work ethic and leadership abilities make him an invaluable asset to the CDA team.

Josh’s favorite part about the work CDA does for clients is that moment when he gets to tell a client they are getting a check when they were absolutely convinced it couldn’t be done. As they face a stubborn insurance company that isn’t going to budge, with a tenacity that finally breaks through, clients are enamored that giving up wasn’t on the table. In his words “It’s a good feeling knowing that in someone’s mind you did the impossible.”

Favorite Song:: Gratitude by Brandon Lake

Favorite Quote:: “We know how to win wars. We must learn now to win peace...” - Band of Brothers

Colleen Frey

Colleen Frey

Public Adjuster/
Disaster Coordinator

Colleen Frey, a Chico, CA native, brings a unique blend of skills to her role as a Public Insurance Adjuster at Cavalry Disaster Advocates. Certified as an IPEC Life Coach, she excels in policy interpretation and claims processing, empowering individuals to overcome obstacles with confidence. In her previous professional life, Colleen was a successful self-employed entrepreneur working in the cosmetic industry. At CDA, Colleen takes pride in ensuring families are made as whole as possible in their time of greatest financial need.

Outside of work, Colleen enjoys traveling, yoga, and spending time with her family. She cherishes memories of her late father and values closeness with her daughter. Her commitment to client satisfaction extends beyond her professional life, and she views herself as a superhero, guiding clients through challenging times with positivity and resilience.


Minerva Covert

Senior Public Adjuster/
Disaster Coordinator

Bringing over two decades of expertise to her role as a Public Adjuster at Cavalry, Minerva Covert's journey began in Corporate America. Starting as a customer service representative, she climbed the ranks to executive sales representative before discovering her passion for public adjusting. Proficient in both English and Spanish, Minerva excels in consulting, staff management, and all aspects of adjusting. She is a valued and trusted member of the Adjuster team here at Cavalry Disaster Advocates.

Beyond her career, she enjoys salsa dancing and cherishes family time. Her favorite movie quote, "Stupid. Ugly. Out of date..." from The Grinch, is a testament to her cheeky sense of humor. At CDA, Minerva's favorite aspect of her work is advocating for the underdog and ensuring rightful compensation during the claims process. Her dedication and expertise make her an invaluable asset to the team.

Megan Elliott

Megan Elliott

Office Manager

As the Office Manager and Public Adjuster at CDA, Megan Elliott brings a wealth of experience and a passion for customer service. Her career journey spans various industries, showcasing her versatility and dedication to excellence. From banking and sales to legal administration and culinary leadership, Megan has honed her skills in various roles. She also has entrepreneurial experience as the Owner and Operator of a dance company.

Outside of work, Megan enjoys playing chess, gardening, dancing, and spending time with her family, including her two sons, one daughter, and three beloved dogs. Her favorite song is "What a Wonderful World" by Louis Armstrong, a tune that perfectly captures her infectious optimism. At CDA, Megan thrives in a passionate, purposeful, supportive team environment where ethics and genuine care drive collective success.

Gabriel Martinez

Gabriel Martinez

Desk Adjuster

In his role at CDA, Gabriel finds fulfillment in securing rightful compensation for clients. Whie he recognizes that complete wholeness may not always be feasible due to sentimental losses, helping clients rebuild their lives brings a sense of accomplishment.

When Gabriel isn't working, he treasures spending time with his three daughters. His interests range from fitness, yoga, and snowboarding to golf, basketball, and soccer. A lover of nature, he finds solace in the ocean and enjoys hiking. Family holds immense importance in Gabriel's life; his parents, still happily married at 77, relocated to Chico following the devastation of the Camp Fire. Additionally, he shares his home with an affectionate three-year-old French Bulldog. His favorite song is "On Time" by Metro Boomin & John Legend.

Laura Nunn

Laura Nunn

Inventory Specialist

As a Content Inventory Specialist at CDA, Laura Nunn embodies enthusiasm and reliability in her role. Her previous professional experience includes serving as a customer service representative for a home organizing company, where she provided expert recommendations. Educated at Butte College, Laura holds certifications in various fields, ranging from psychology to technology-related skills.

Outside of work, Laura cherishes moments with her family and her golden doodle, Sunny, while indulging in hobbies like candle making and painting. Her favorite movie quote is "Nobody puts baby in a corner," from Dirty Dancing, and her favorite song is, "Hallelujah Mary Did You Know.” At CDA, Laura finds fulfillment in helping her clients navigate difficult times, striving to make the process as painless as possible while ensuring they receive all the compensation they deserve.

Justine Mengore

Justine N. Mengore

Inventory Specialist

Justine brings a blend of meticulous attention to detail and a customer-centric approach to her role as a Contents Inventory Specialist at CDA. With a background in Psychology, she leverages her deep understanding of people to empathize with their experiences during times of loss. Justine's technical proficiency extends to various computing systems. Her professional journey includes roles in logistics and inventory management, banquet planning, and family therapy mediation. Outside of work, she finds solace in outdoor activities and treasures moments with her family and pets. At CDA, Justine's favorite aspect of her work is bonding with her clients while assisting them in reaching their goals.

Rebecca Lowers

Rebecca Lowers

Inventory Specialist

Rebecca Lowers, an Inventory Specialist at Cavalry Disaster Advocates, is committed to optimizing inventory processes for disaster claims. Rebecca holds an Associate degree in Environmental Studies from Butte College. Her career started in retail, where she cultivated customer relations and supervisory skills over nearly a decade of service. After transitioning to public advocacy, she served as a Benefits Advocate at United Health Care before joining Professional Claims Associates as a Public Adjuster Apprentice. Her tenure at California Disaster Advocates has solidified her expertise in inventory management, leading to her current role.

Outside of work, Rebecca enjoys fire dancing, belly dancing, gardening, and art. Her furry family members include three dogs—Freya, Roxie, and Grimoire—and a Ball python named Kali. Rebecca's go-to song is "This Corner of the Earth" by Jamiroquai. She finds fulfillment at CDA in advocating for fairness and making a challenging process enjoyable for clients.

David Schauer

David Schauer

Public Adjuster /
Disaster Coordinator

David Schauer leverages his extensive background in customer service to empower individuals seeking to rebuild their lives. A proud US Navy veteran currently serving as a Public Insurance Adjuster/Disaster Coordinator with Cavalry Disaster Advocates, David diligently educates clients on their insurance policies, guiding them through the intricacies of claim processes to secure fair settlements.

Off-duty, David finds solace in mountain biking and cherishes moments spent with his wife, Angela. Together, they share a passion for travel, hiking, and outdoor adventures. In his spare time, he also serves as a group fitness instructor. David treasures the time spent with his two grandchildren, bonding over shared interests like mountain biking and lake outings and his two rescue cats. David's favorite quote is, "Well...bye" from the movie Tombstone, and his favorite song is "Thunderstruck" by AC/DC. Through his work with CDA, David finds fulfillment in assisting individuals in navigating the complex insurance system, ultimately facilitating their journey toward recovery and resilience.

Glenda Servantes

Glenda Servantes

Public Adjuster /
Disaster Coordinator

Glenda Servantes brings over 21 years of experience within the court legal system to her role as a Public Adjuster at Cavalry Disaster Advocates. Her diverse roles, including courtroom clerk and appeals clerk, have equipped her with invaluable insight into assisting individuals navigating the legal system. In addition to her legal expertise, Glenda is licensed by the Department of Insurance and specializes in casualty and property matters. In her current role at CDA, she demonstrates unwavering commitment and empathy in supporting families impacted by devastating fires, advocating for fair compensation, and guiding them through the rebuilding process. Glenda's proactive attitude and problem-solving skills make her essential to the CDA team. Outside of work, Glenda is pursuing a degree in sociology from California State University, Chico, and enjoys traveling, cooking, and caring for her pets. Glenda finds fulfillment in making a meaningful difference in people's lives at CDA.